The Role of Abdominal Pants

June 23,2022

Different from the waist band, the abdominal pants can simultaneously tighten the abdomen, lift the hips and tighten the thigh meat; Its main principle is to use the pressure of materials on the body to achieve the effect of visual thinness.


Should I Wear Belly Panties After Giving Birth? 

June 09,2022

For postpartum women, the most annoying part is definitely their body that is gaining weight day by day, especially their belly, which is most distressing when looking at the circles and circles of fat. The most effortless way for mothers to reduce their belly is to wear a belly bandage, right? The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a good idea of what you're doing.


Why Choose Sports Bra?

May 25,2022

With the popularity of running, fitness, and other sports, more and more girls join the sports. However, as a girl who has just started sports, she must first prepare suitable equipment for herself. The first thing to bear the brunt is sports underwear. As a key protection object, the suitability of a sports bra has become a top priority.


Reasons for Wearing Tights for Sports

May 12,2022

As people become more and more concerned about their healthy lives, people are gradually starting to fall in love with sports. Sports tights are also gradually becoming popular. It is not only able to make our body to get a perfect show, but also breathable, sweat-absorbing, is one of the necessary objects for sports now. Why do you need to wear tights for sports? Let's discuss it together!


How to Choose Sports Underwear?

April 27,2022

When women exercise, the first thing is not to find a great fitness coach, but to choose a set of professional sports underwear for themselves. Don't think that ordinary underwear without steel rings can be used as sports underwear, and don't think that the waistcoat girth can be used to practice yoga. For sports, only by choosing the right underwear can you add points.


How To Choose Suitable Fitness Bodysuit?

March 31,2022

With the increasing awareness of fitness in recent years, bodysuits are especially favored by fitness people. So, what should people pay attention to when choosing unique fitness bodysuits?


How to Buy and Maintain Lace Underwear?

February 26,2022

No matter which season, lace is always the focus of fashion. Lace is a necessary element to highlight sexy, so lace-style underwear will be your best choice to perfectly show your posture. Here's how to buy and maintain lace underwear.


Precautions for Wearing Shapewear After Postpartum

January 21,2022

Many women wear shapewear to maintain a good figure after giving birth. Shapewear is designed to perfect the body shape by pushing fat, and the body shape will be improved with long-term wear. Do you know its other benefits? How to wear shapewear correctly?