Can Shapewear Be Worn While Sleeping?

September 07,2022

It is not recommended to wear Shapewear when sleeping. The purpose of corsets is to condense the body into a relatively good posture, and the body needs to be tightened. Wearing shapewear during the day can make the body beautiful and increase self-confidence. But wearing corsets to sleep at night will have the following effects:




The dangers of wearing shapewear while sleeping


  1. The body needs to relax. If the cuff is tight for a long time, it is not good for skin breathing and blood and lymphatic return. more likely to cause body swelling;


  1. The body needs to relax during sleep. Wearing shapewear can affect sleep quality, and may only be light sleep. If the quality of sleep is not good for a long time, it may affect the body's metabolism. This can affect blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood lipids.


What should I pay attention to when wearing shapewear?


  1. When wearing corsets, the tighter it is, the better the effect. Too tight binding of the body can easily lead to breast deformation. It can also affect normal breathing, sweat excretion, difficulty in movement, and even cause some disease hazards.


  1. The longer you wear it, the better. Long-term compression will have adverse consequences on the internal organs of the body, resulting in poor blood flow throughout the body, poor metabolism, etc.


  1. Although the restraint of shapewear can help people limit appetite, it should be noted that the main function of shapewear is to shape, not lose weight. So don't put your weight loss hopes entirely on it.


Last few words


Therefore, the pursuit of beauty is understandable, but it must be done within one's capacity. Shapewear can be worn during the day, and the body should be in a relaxed state when going to bed at night.


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