How to Buy and Maintain Lace Underwear?

February 26,2022

No matter which season, lace is always the focus of fashion. Lace is a necessary element to highlight sexy, so lace-style underwear will be your best choice to perfectly show your posture. Here's how to buy and maintain lace underwear.


lace underwear


How to buy lace underwear?


When choosing lace underwear, there is no doubt that wearing comfort is of course the first. Therefore, in various styles of women's underwear, we should pay more attention to the coincidence of crotch position and hip position with personal body shape and skin color.


The plain lace underwear made of pure cotton breathable material or superfine fiber material has become the best match for wearing suitable clothes.


How to maintain lace underwear?


Lace is made of 100% polyester or half polyester and half cotton. Try not to put it into the washing machine. Superior lace needs to be washed by hand or taken to a professional dry cleaner. When cleaning lace, use mild soap or detergent specially for cleaning delicate textiles.


Before cleaning, first lay the towel in the sink, and then pick up the lace with a towel after washing, which can prevent the lace from being broken accidentally. Wrap the wet lace in a towel to absorb the moisture, and then lay them flat on the table to dry naturally.


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