How to Choose Sports Underwear?

April 27,2022

When women exercise, the first thing is not to find a great fitness coach, but to choose a set of professional sports underwear for themselves. Don't think that ordinary underwear without steel rings can be used as sports underwear, and don't think that the waistcoat girth can be used to practice yoga. For sports, only by choosing the right underwear can you add points.


So, how to choose sports underwear?


sports underwear


Keywords 1: ventilation and perspiration


First of all, the fabrics of sports underwear should absorb sweat and breathe freely, and those with high requirements should also be antibacterial. Now the sports underwear on the market includes pure cotton, Lycra, and superfine fabrics, which are all OK, but in addition, some functional fabrics are better. Some sports underwear has added soybean protein fiber into the fabric, which has an obvious antibacterial function in addition to soft hand feeling; Another high-grade ingredient is milk silk, which also has a natural bacteriostatic function, and is breathable and sweat guiding. In addition, there is a mesh fabric with good air permeability.


Keywords 2: good support


When exercising, you must wear underwear, even when doing yoga, otherwise, your chest will not be supported and protected, and your chest will soon be out of shape. Even some large movements will cause tearing of your pectoralis major muscle. The design of sports underwear emphasizes the support and protection so that the breast and the body form a whole, which can not only fix the chest from vibration but also avoid the chest from hindering movement.


The support of sports underwear is mostly realized through the design of a rubber band (the part between the cup and the back hook) and the wrapping of fabric, rather than relying on the steel ring, because the freedom of the steel ring is not so good, and the comfort and flexibility of sports are not satisfactory. Therefore, most sports underwear does not have steel rings or use soft steel rings. The bottom is moderately elastic and has a good fixation.


Keywords 3: free breathing


As the first consideration in the design of sports underwear is the support and protection of the chest, the shaping function is not as good as that of ordinary bras. Therefore, some beauties do not like to wear sports underwear or choose to wear tight sports underwear. These practices are not advisable. When choosing sports underwear, they must try it on. When trying it on, it is appropriate to breathe freely, move freely, stretch freely, and have a comfortable, stable, and secure chest.


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