Should I Wear Belly Panties After Giving Birth? 

June 09,2022

For postpartum women, the most annoying part is definitely their body that is gaining weight day by day, especially their belly, which is most distressing when looking at the circles and circles of fat. The most effortless way for mothers to reduce their belly is to wear a belly bandage, right? The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a good idea of what you're doing.


belly panties


Can you wear belly panties during the month?


  • the month do not wear tight underwear, it is recommended to wear loose, keep the vulva clean, to avoid infection, if you want to wear belly bandage, should wait for more than 6 weeks after delivery before wearing.


  • the correct use of postpartum belly band, the maternal abdomen recovery benefits, but natural birth of the mother after the month can only use the postpartum belly band. We all know that in order to conceive a small baby, mothers' abdominal muscles will be stretched, the abdominal skin will be stretched, and the pelvis will be widened as a result. Some new mothers do not control the abdomen during the month, let it go, which is very detrimental to the recovery of the maternal abdomen.


  • some mothers think that there is no wound in the abdomen after natural childbirth, so you can immediately use the belly band, in fact, not. After childbirth, there is still a lot of blood, gas and other body fluids in the mother's abdomen, which need to be eliminated naturally through the body's circulation, if premature use of postpartum belts will only restrict the body's blood circulation, which is not conducive to the discharge of malodour in the body, and is not conducive to the smooth flow of breathing, which is not beneficial to the recovery of the organs.


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