The Future Development of the Underwear Industry

April 13,2022

The underwear industry, which is in a corner of the apparel industry, has been plagued by four major pain points of "inventory imbalance, low profits, customer loss, and sales bottlenecks" for many years in this ancient and "new" industry.


From private stores, clothing wholesale markets, department stores, shopping centers, to e-commerce platforms, and mobile shopping, today, the industry is ushering in a new era of retail.


The Development Trends of the Underwear Industry

The Development Trends of the Underwear Industry


  • New varieties triggered by new retail


New varieties of products never stop moving forward. The introduction of new technology has re-examined the definition and value of thermal clothing, and the ups and downs of the underwear "core" revolution triggered by new materials are also a new experiential trend.


  • "Lifestyle" is the most beautiful business model


In the era of a shortage economy, the retail side is a product-to-user construction scenario. This theory has been fully confirmed in the underwear industry. The business model of the underwear industry is changing due to the lifestyle of consumers.


  • Parallel and equal global purchasing desire


The large-scale operation of large-scale e-commerce platforms for overseas brands has opened the national cognitive barrier and paved the way for overseas underwear brands to enter.


  • Niche, customization, sense of design


Since last year, designer brands in the clothing and underwear industry have become popular with stars. The designer's character is integrated into the clothes through style design and color collision, and the advantages are spread through the Internet to reach consumers directly. Designers are closer to consumers' lives in product design.


At Last


With the deepening of consumers' demand for this, companies in the underwear industry that can withstand the structural adjustment brought about by more segmentation of the market and more vertical categories will gradually come out.