The Principle of Shapewear

September 22,2022

The three-dimensional cutting material of shapewear due to ergonomic principle is more in line with the characteristics of the body structure.


It can adjust the distribution of body fat, shape beautiful curves, and have obvious effects on breast enhancement and abdominal tightening.




The principle of shapewear


Body fat is mobile. Shapewear is designed according to the golden ratio that women should have in different periods.


This kind of underwear can guide the growth direction of fat, and put the lost, displaced and sagging fat back into place. It can also strengthen the effect of sweating and massage, promote blood circulation and help lymphatic drainage. Make


  1. Wearing body underwear is a fashionable trend. According to statistics, 70% of women in France and Hong Kong wear shapewear for a long time. With the improvement of Chinese women's living standards and the gradual emphasis on body beauty, body sculpting underwear is a new fashion trend in the 21st century after the weight loss craze.


  1. Wearing body underwear is a healthy demand. When 25, due to the accumulation and sagging of fat, the secondary sexual characteristics of women are gradually weakening. Our face and body also begin to age slowly, leading to various diseases. Body underwear can drain and locate the fat, so that the fat is distributed reasonably. At the same time, due to the special material of the product, it can enhance the immune function of the body, and play a special function of health care, physical strengthening and disease prevention.


  1. Wearing body underwear can meet women's needs for their own beauty. Body lingerie not only brings women a beautiful and beautiful figure. At the same time, it also brings us self-confidence, youth, vitality and health.




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