What Advantages of our Shapewear Pants?

August 23,2022

Good posture and curves are the real beauty. So shapewear pants do not rely on simple restraints to achieve the effect but apply different pressures to different parts of the lower body to maintain a balanced body function and health.


shapewear pants


Advantages of our shapewear pants


  1. Hip pressure


The meat under the buttocks is tightly wrapped and lifted. The line of the buttocks is improved, and the pelvis is supported and corrected. As the hip peak moves up, it also makes the legs visually elongate and the whole person looks taller.


  1. Flat stomach and waist


The 360° surround tightens the abdomen and tightens the waistline, helping you achieve the correct posture of keeping your chest and abdomen up. You are not afraid of the flesh on your stomach emerging awkwardly when you sit down. The overall build has the effect of not being easy to fall off, tight but not strangling.


  1. Health maintenance


The girdle seal and the corset are two-in-one, using far-infrared technology lining. The front belly is shield-shaped with four layers of pressure to push the excess abdominal fat to the chest, flatten the abdomen and tighten the waist, warm the palace and protect the stomach. The double-layer pressure design of the fish scales on both sides of the back, middle, and sides improve the sub-health state of the waist and plays a role in protecting the waist.


Our shapewear pants are made of high-tech far-infrared lycra fabric, which emphasizes the skin-friendly nature of the fabric and accessories. Pays attention to the healthy maintenance of women's bodies. Combined with 3D three-dimensional tailoring of human body proportions, we emphasize the use of ergonomics in tailoring to be more suitable for women's bodies. curve requirements. At the same time, high-tech materials that conform to the structure of human bodies are used to construct healthy clothing.