Why Choose Sports Bra?

May 25,2022

With the popularity of running, fitness, and other sports, more and more girls join the sports. However, as a girl who has just started sports, she must first prepare suitable equipment for herself. The first thing to bear the brunt is sports underwear. As a key protection object, the suitability of a sports bra has become a top priority.


sports bra


Because the breast has no muscles to support, only ligaments and skin to support, it is inevitable to wear a bra. Often people just wear ordinary bras, but ordinary bras can't protect breasts very well.


That's because ordinary bras, whether with steel rings or not, will have the following problems: there is no particularly good support, airtight and sweat-free, and the shoulder strap design can't meet the needs of the sport (often slip), and there will be le marks if it's too tight.


The general function of a sports bra is: it has a supporting effect, which can hold up the chest well, fix the chest at the same time, and prevent excessive shaking of the chest; Moisture absorption and perspiration function; Shoulder belt-tightening, anti-friction function, etc.


In the process of exercise, you must wear a sports bra, otherwise, it will cause chest looseness, ugly chest shape, and serious sagging of the chest, which is contrary to the original intention of the exercise.


The support performance of a running bra is generally divided into low strength, medium strength, and high strength. In addition to choosing different sports bras according to the breast size, we should also choose bras with different support strengths according to the different intensity of sports.


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